MEND Nashville

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MEND is an innovative, primary prevention initiative dedicated to ending violence against women and girls by engaging and educating men and boys.

MEND seeks to:

                Elevate the conversation about violence against women and girls

                Engage men to be part of the solution

                Educate men and boys to challenge and change the current culture

                End violence against women and girls

In Nashville, one report of domestic violence takes place every twenty minutes.

And more women are murdered by men in Tennessee than in 41 other states.

For too long, men have been conspicuously absent from prevention and intervention efforts. We have been missing 50 percent of the population, thus half of the equation. It is time to involve men and make them part of the solution.

Men need to be part of the solution because men are the primary perpetrators of domestic violence and sexual assault. For instance, 97 percent of rapes (both women and men victims) are perpetrated by men. MEND recognizes that the majority of men are KIND, CARING, and RESPECTFUL. Most men do not commit these crimes, but every man plays a critical role in preventing them.

MEND will identify, recruit, educate, and equip coaches and athletes to serve as positive role models in violence prevention and cultural change, for young men and boys in the greater Nashville area. MEND will provide hands-on tools to help men and boys change the mentalities, language, and behaviors, thereby transforming the culture that perpetuates the violence. MEND will not only raise awareness and change mindsets, but it will also create real, measurable change by educating, inspiring and equipping men and boys in the greater Nashville community to take action and mend a culture that perpetuates violence against women and girls.

Our vision is simple: to make Nashville the safest city in the nation for women and girls. It is what every parent wishes for their daughter: the right to grow up in a community free of domestic violence and sexual assault, where she can achieve her full potential. We believe in the ability and responsibility of men and boys to be part of the solution – to step up and help end violence against women and girls.


If you are interested in becoming a MEND Coach and taking the MEND pledge – email or click here.

A MEND Coach uses his or her influence to change a culture that supports violence against women through teaching their players healthy masculinity.

  • Challenges sexist or violent language
  • Models healthy masculinity and positive behavior
  • Becomes knowledgeable of the MEND mission and Toolkit
  • Is a visible and vocal advocate for MEND whenever possible to increase awareness and knowledge of MEND’s mission and vision within our community
  • Sets, defines, and implements expectations for his/her team
  • Can attend monthly MEND Coaches’ Council and MEND Quarterly Councils when available
  • Volunteers or attend MEND events
  • Actively recruits new coaches to be involved, by using personal and professional connections to help solicit the support of our community
  • Shares time, talent and connections to the best of my ability to improve lives of those we serve through MEND.
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