2015 Spring Breakfast

Table Captain Information

Our Table Captains are the absolute key to making our Spring Breakfast a success. We thank you for your time, interest and support of the critical mission of the YWCA of Nashville & Middle Tennessee. Here's everything you need to know to be a great Table Captain.

The Goal

$275,00 raised for the YWCA. With 100 tables, that's an average of $2,750 in donations per table.


Table Captains have a genuine appreciation for the YWCA, can articulate its needs, and are willing to lend their influence to our organization in order to meet the goals of the Spring Breakfast.

The Goal

Each table seats 10 people. Please fill your table with guests that have a strong likelihood of connecting to the YWCA and the ability make a financial gift as a result of attending the breakfast.

Tips for Inviting Guests

  1. Articulate Your Passion. Be able to articulate why you believe in and support the YWCA.
  2. Know the facts about the YWCA programs. Use our website as a resource and other information from the Orientation Handbook.
  3. Communicate the goals of the event.Share that the goal for our Spring Breakfast is two-fold; to raise awareness of YWCA mission and programs and to raise money to support those programs.

Key Stats - 2014

Next Steps Check List

The following are our tips for getting prepared for the 2015 Spring Breakfast.

Prior to the event

3 days brfore

Day of the Breakfast

If you have any questions please feel free to contact:

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